The new Instant Personalisation feature currently being launched by Facebook allows your personal information (that you make available to everyone of course) to be shared with external partner websites when you visit them. This is different to the social plugins, which do not share your information when you visit sites with Facebook social plugins.

Facebook’s goal is to bring the social experience everywhere you go on the web, whilst giving their marketing partners more ways to access and mine your data.

Instant Personalisation is enabled automatically as it becomes available, but if you do not wish your Facebook information to be shared with external websites, then you can disable it by following the navigation path below.

Account -> Privacy Settings -> Apps and websites -> Edit your settings -> Instant Personalisation -> Edit Settings

Untick the “Enable instant personalisation on partner websites”.

It was not yet available to be unticked when I wrote this, as it said “Note: instant personalisation is not yet available for you.”. So if it’s the same for you then make a note to come back at a later date and check it again.

Your information is accessible to applications and websites through your friends

Another Facebook privacy option you may wish to review is “information accessible through your friends”. This setting is found above the Instant Personalisation setting  and allows applications and websites that your friends use to access your information. The list of information sharing options are available under this setting, which you can individually allow or block.

  • your bio
  • birthday
  • family and relationships
  • what you’re interested in and looking for
  • your religious and political views
  • your website
  • whether you’re online
  • your status updates
  • your photos
  • your videos
  • your links
  • your notes
  • photos and videos you’re tagged in
  • your hometown and current location
  • your education and work
  • activities and interests that you like
  • places that you check in to
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